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Just as every little detail matters when solving a puzzle, that’s how rebar detailing is important when it comes to reinforced concrete structures.

It is simple. Design and structural analysis, accompanied by adequate reinforcement detailing and proper execution of a construction project together make sure that a structure does not suffer from cracks, unwanted deflection or the worst construction nightmare, also known as collapse.


Rebar detailing should be suitable for its intended use, practical, cost-effective and should be of high quality. And that is exactly why contractors should concern themselves with who does their rebar detailing. 

For starters, a good rebar detailing company will have experience in a vast range of projects. Experience builds expertise. And of course, it all starts with the right people. 

A good rebar detailing company will have at its disposal a pool of best detailers. These will be highly experienced and skillful people, able to provide only the best quality of work. 

A good rebar detailing company will know that relying on a group of top-notch detailers isn’t enough. Hence, this company will have its work supported by just the right software. Furthermore, this company will be smart enough to develop and use its own software. The thing is, all detailing companies use detailing software, but in most cases updates according to clients’ special requirements are not possible, or it takes a lot of time to incorporate those special requirements and reach satisfactory output. Only companies that have reliable, in-house detailing software can quickly react and adjust to consultant requirements and in the end generate high quality shop drawings that will get approved. Needless to say, such companies are very rare and thus very precious. 

A good detailing company will know that only the best organization of its work process will give the best results when it comes to quality of output. And only extraordinary detailing companies will optimize its processes through an automated platform, which will manage all documents in such a way to allow for automatic updates of any changes proposed by clients. Meaning that they will have a special way they deal with documents internally that will help them avoid multiple interpretations of detailing parameters among detailers and ensure uniform detailing. This platform will also make sure that the already well trained detailers are not overburdened and that the workload is spread evenly over all teams. The automated platform will use a common language and give clear job instructions. This platform will ease the detailing process by segmenting it and by allowing the work to be checked after each stage. It will be a perfect manager as it will enable detailers to work as a team even without talking to each other and to always have the needed input documents and feedback, so that they can generate high quality shop drawings. 

And finally, a good rebar detailing company will always address all requirements of its clients, simply by answering their concerns and by giving them an excellent product. Also, this company will be very familiar with a vast range of possible rebar detailing solutions applicable to any reinforced concrete project out there. 

High quality rebar detailing output, cutting costs and an overall peace of mind of clients is what each rebar detailing company should strive for. 

The best rebar detailing companies out there have already mastered all that, as they have been doing it for a long time. And if you are interested to learn how we do it, you are very welcome to click here. 

Thank you for reading.

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