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With our BoQ your business will take off...

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Why BoQ?
What sets AABCO apart is our understanding of real needs of Contractors and Rebar Fabricators. We know that a construction project is not easily awarded as the market is harsh and increasingly competitive. That’s why having an accurate and detailed Bill of Quantities is crucial in order to allow a bidder to go for a better bidding price and thus gain a greater chance in winning any project.

Also, we believe that saving steel is really important, for the environment as well as for saving your resources and money. 10% of savings in steel quantities make for a really big difference when it comes to what you have to spend. Knowing exact quantities significantly reduces extra expenses. Also, after doing proper budgeting, you can use our BoQ to ease your cost control.

How do we make it? We provide 99% accurate BoQ for your bidding, based on shop drawings produced in our software.

What does our BoQ contain?

Basic BoQ + Rebar statistics + Number of cuts and bends for an entire project

Basic BoQ - Length of all bars with diameters, weight of steel, volume of concrete and rate of steel in concrete.

Rebar statistics - Number of rebars sorted by lengths and diameters for an entire project.

File types - Bills of Quantities can be converted and presented in Excel or CITE formats for importing into your estimating software, and delivered electronically.

Sorting can be done by default or by your needs and wishes. Sorting is possible by element, level or building.



Get accurate BoQ in a shorter amount of time. Keep your focus on the final goal, because concern about potentially biggest cost makers is in good hands. Our BoQ enables easier and more accurate cost control.

Quantity surveyors

We can help you by providing you with an accurate Bill of Quantities for rebar and concrete. Direct your staff’s knowledge and skills to other fields, knowing that you will be provided with a high quality service.


We can help you reduce your amount of work, which will allow you to focus your attention on other parts of your project. Our most accurate and reliable software produces 99% accurate Bill of Quantities.



Shop drawings

After you have won a bid for a certain project, we offer to you fast delivery of shop drawings you will need for the project. As we have already made the shop drawings in order to get accurate BoQ, they are waiting for you to order them.

Cost sharing

Share expenses for Bill of Quantities with other contractors bidding on the same project. Expenses are equally divided between sharing contractors. This option is cost-efficient for everyone involved and allows equal and fair tendering process.

Steel management

Our company has developed software that enables us to sort all rebars in a way that allows only 1% waste of steel. With the best combination of different rebar lengths we give you minimum usage of steel and maximum cost control.