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All your rebar detailing needs met in one place...

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Whether you need rebar shop drawings for an entire project, or found yourself in an urgent situation and need your drawings ASAP...

We can help!

Through participating in a diverse range of construction projects, we have perfected our shop drawings production system to fit and anticipate any client request and any project requirement.

We deliver rebar shop drawings, along with automatically generated electronic Bar Bending Schedules, PER PROJECT, PER PACKAGE and PER URGENT REQUEST.

Have a reliable team of reinforced concrete experts at your side and experience the difference!


Our production process looks like this...

Red Arrow We provide a list of Estimated Shop Drawings for an entire project.

Red Arrow We put together a schedule of submission, based on contractor required capacity and casting program.

Red Arrow We prepare Work Input Parameters (WIP) for contractor and consultant approval. WIP is a document which extracts and clarifies all typical details to be applied in production of shop drawings for your project’s elements. WIP is continuously updated according to your revision and comments.

Red Arrow We produce samples for each element and submit them to contractor and consultant for review, in order to get approval on presentation that is, scales, output, etc...

Red Arrow We raise RFIs in case of any discrepancies. RFIs include our proposed assumption.

Red Arrow We produce Structural Shop Drawings for your project’s elements and their related Bar Bending Schedules.

Red Arrow We have a proactive approach to management of information. We follow up and request in advance any information required (IFC or RFI replies) to ensure on time delivery and to avoid any delay due to incomplete information.

Red Arrow We produce weekly reports for our clients about the drawings produced and submitted, and the drawings to be submitted, as well as RFIs, answered and pending.

For production of shop drawings for a whole project we need IFC design drawings.


In case you need shop drawings for only a part of a project, for example packages per one floor, one slab or one pour, AABCO has a solution for that too.

We can easily produce shop drawings for a specific package, and submit them within 7 days from receiving your order.

For this we need:

Red Arrow The specific IFC and typical details related to the package.

Red Arrow A sample of previously produced shop drawings, so we can follow it during our production.

Red Arrow If not, we can submit our own samples, and produce immediately.


To meet the urgent needs of our clients we have set up Rebar Express, a special, high speed rebar detailing service designed to deliver shop drawings in just 48 hours!

This service is perfect for specific emergencies, and can be used for packages or even entire projects when expediency is paramount.

Also, if you need a flexible service that can be used only when necessary, with no long term commitment from your side, Rebar Express is just the thing!

Red Arrow Find out more at rebarexpress.com