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With our value engineering we can make it cost less...

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AABCO specializes in "Value Engineering" design services for clients with existing designs, where our engineers provide economically viable solutions to existing reinforced concrete designs to generate substantial material cost and development savings.

More precisely, AABCO engineers perform optimum value engineering (OVE) for contractors to generate savings in rebar and concrete.

In addition to our expertise in detailing and structural design, our inā€house software plays a key role in achieving speed and accuracy and savings.

Savings can be made by proposing alternatives to one or some of the following:

Red Arrow Structural system where the structural concept may change in parts or in the whole structure.

Red Arrow RC design where the concept is kept unchanged; the RC elements may be re-designed where savings are achieved by strict application of building code requirements and by minimizing the extra steel due to poor design tools. The savings can easily reach 20% of rebar in more than 80% of the cases and may reach 50% in some cases.

Red Arrow Rebar detailing where rebar typical details, lapping positions, lapping length, use of alternative equivalent steel distribution (bar spacing and diameters), use of couplers, and many other methods can be used to achieve from 2% to 15% savings in steel.